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Let’s Make Games

Welcome to Let’s Make Games

Making games is a complex (and hard) process, we (XGameDev) have gathered knowledge and resources over the years to make it easier for ourselves. Let’s make games, is our entire collection of articles, notes, tips, how to’s and just general advice about creating and running a Game Studio

With Let’s make Games, we aim to:

  • Create a Wiki for Games.
  • Create an Encyclopedia for Games
  • Make better games.
  • Educate ourselves and others.
  • Inline citations to reliable sources.
  • Discoverability of all things related to creating Videos Games
  • With Let’s Play, we aim to learn from other games.
  • With Let’s Watch, we aim to get inspiration from Movies and Series, and learn from the TV industry

Video Games share a lot of common practices between other industries

  • TV and Film
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Construction



What Makes Let’s Make Games Unique?

  • Holistic View, everything is connected afterall
  • Curated content, each page is written by someone
  • Single source of truth, you won’t find 5 different blogs on “Getting started with Unity…” instead, there will be 1, and only 1 article for each topic. We believe in continuous improvement, instead of more of the same.
  • There are plenty of sites that teach the basics, but very few that goes beyond beginner levels.

How can I contribute to Let’s Make Games?

  • At the moment, only us at XGameDev can contribute to the site. If you would like to contribute, please reach out to us.

How is this site created?

  • We use Google Docs as our writing platform
  • We use Google Sheets to manage the content
  • We use NodeJS to create the Markdown pages from Google Docs
  • We use Hexo to generate the static HTML site
  • We use Firebase Hosting to host the static website.

Our Standards

  • Each article is curated
  • We aim to keep articles updated as often as we use the technology.