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Player Interaction Score

Player Interaction Score - PIS Increments each time the player interacts with a character/object in the game


Processes There are various processes in the game industry, ranging from Project Management Processes, IPO Models, Internal CPU Processes, and so on

Porters 5 Forces Model

Porter’s 5 Forces Model Competitive RivalrySupplier PowerBuyer PowerThe Threat of substitutionThe treat of new entrants ReferencesWhich Company Will Fall First? - Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, o


Procrastinating ReferencesStop Procrastinating: EAT THAT FROG! by Brian Tracy

Pirate Metrics

Pirate Metrics Pirate Metrics is a framework for growing your business based on AAARRR. Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue <! – more –> Much like the marketing

Prism Framework

PRISM Framework Composite application frameworkRelies on Design PatternsDependency Injection PatternInversion of Control PatternCommand PatternMVVMSeparation of ConcernsLoose couplingBenefitsReuseRe


Pitching a new game studio to a VC, a new game to your current studio or a publisher, or a new gameplay mechanic for a current game, we all pitch something, some or other time, doing it better might mean the difference between your idea/game/studio being applied or just placed in the “Backlog”

Playstation - Development

Publish to Playstation Create a partner accounthttps://partners.playstation.com/apex/PO_AccountAppliPTR?lang=en