Asset Flip

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Asset flipping in video games refers to the practice of purchasing low-cost game assets and creating “new” games from these assets.

What is Asset Flipping in Video Games?

Asset flipping in video games refers to the practice of purchasing or creating low-cost game assets (such as 3D models, textures, and audio files) and repackaging them into a new game, often with minimal changes or improvements

This practice is often criticized for creating low-quality or unoriginal games, as the assets used in the game may not be well-designed or unique.

Asset flipping has become more common with the rise of digital marketplaces for game assets, which make it easy for developers to purchase or download pre-made assets and incorporate them into their games.

The Unity Asset store is a perfect example of a digital marketplace.

Some developers may use asset flipping as a quick and easy way to create a game without investing the time and effort required to create original assets.

However, many players and critics view asset flipping as a dishonest or unethical practice, as it often involves selling games that are largely composed of pre-made assets without properly crediting the original creators.

As a result, some game marketplaces have implemented policies to prevent or discourage asset flipping.

What is the difference between Asset Flipping and Asset Reuse

Asset reuse refers to the practice of using pre-made game assets in the development of a new game, but in a way that adds value and originality to the game.

This may involve using pre-made assets as a starting point for creating new content, or as a way to save time and resources on non-critical elements of the game.

If you have played remade Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 2, you would have noticed a number of the same locations and assets, this is mostly due to the fact that the 2 games playoff in the same time frame, but Capcom still saved time and money reusing assets.

Fallout 76 reused quite a number of assets from Fallout 4.

In short, the difference between asset flipping and asset reuse is one of intent and quality. Asset flipping is seen as a way to quickly and cheaply produce a game with little effort or originality, while asset reuse is seen as a legitimate part of the game development process that can help to create high-quality, original games.

Can you make a good game using remade Assets?

There are a number of games that use assets from the Unity Asset store, that are brilliant games, some examples: