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Docker is an Open Source container solution. The Docket company was founded by Solomon Hykes

Introduction to Docker

Docker allows a developer to develop and deploy virtualized application containers on a common OS.

What are Containers?

Containers are stackable, scalable, portable and flexible virtual environments to run your applications. A developer can develop an application on Windows, and run it on Mac or Linux, without having to install all the dependencies for each operating system.

Containers are not the same as a Virtual Machine (VM). A VM typically runs on Hypervisor.

Docker image(s), or application package(s), run on containers.

How can Docker be used in Video Games?

You could use docker to deploy and run your backend code, website or even to build Unity games.

Getting Started with Docker

Installing Docker Desktop on Windows

  1. Navigate to the Docker Website, and download Docker Desktop.
  2. Once downloaded, install Docker by following the instructions.
  3. You might need to restart your computer after installing Docker.

TIP: If you an anti-virus, you might want to Exclude Docker, to prevent unforeseen issues when running containers.

  1. After restarting, you might need to upgrade WSL 2, follow the instructions on Microsoft’s website to complete the installation

Learning Docker

Docker Courses

  • Learning Azure DevOps
    • Date: 18 February 2021
    • Duration: 128 min
    • Provider: LinkedIn Learning
    • Author: Walt Ritscher
    • Link: Learning Azure DevOps
  • AWS EC2 DevOps
    • Duration: 166 min
    • Provider: Teachable
    • Author: J Cole Morrison
    • Link: AWS EC2 DevOps
  • Docker for Windows
    • Date: 15 November 2018
    • Duration: 95 min
    • Provider: LinkedIn Learning
    • Author: David Davis
    • Link: Docker for Windows
  • Docker Getting Started

Docker YouTube Channels and Videos

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