Eisenhower Method

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The Eisenhower Method, also known as Eisenhower’s matrix, is a prioritization tool that helps you categorize tasks into 4 quadrants based on their urgency and importance. It helps prioritize time, tasks and decision making.

Introduction to The Eisenhower Method

What is important is seldon urgent and what is urgent is seldon important

[Dwigth Eisenhower]
UrgentNot Urgent
ImportantEmergencies, Deadlines, some callsExercise, Vacation, Planning
Not ImportantInterruptions, Distractions, Other callsTrivia, Busy work, time wasters

Not Urgent and not Important

Don’t do these, iy you spend a lot of time here, stop doing it and start spending time in the ‘not urgent and important’ zone

Urgent and not important

Avoid these as much as possible.
When you’re interrupted, handle it as fast as possible

Urgent and important

Do these, when done, spend time to think about how to deal with the situation in the future

Not Urgent and important

While not urgent, all your available time should go to this quadrant

How can The Eisenhower Method be used in Game Production?

The Eisenhower’s matrix can be applied to game development and prodcution by categorizing tasks into 4 quadrants:

Urgent and Important

Tasks that must be done immediately, such as fixing critical bugs that are impacting the player experience.

Important, but Not Urgent

Tasks that are important for the long-term success of the game, such as developing new features or improving the user interface.

Urgent, but Not Important

Tasks that can be delegated or postponed, such as responding to low-priority emails.

Not Urgent or Important

Tasks that can be eliminated, such as attending non-essential meetings or browsing social media… if we can get off Twitter… :)

By using this method, game developers can focus on the most important tasks first and prioritize their time effectively, leading to a more efficient and productive workflow, and hopefully reducing crunch!