Enterprise Architecture

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Enterprise Architecture

What is an Enterprise?
A single organization
Parts of a large organization (such as a business unit)
A collection of organizations collaborating in a value stream
The word “Enterprise” covers a broad spectrum of organizational entities

What is Architecture in Software Engineering:
Master Builder - Chief Builder

EA Frameworks
Zachman Framework

Axis 1 - The What, How, When, Who, Where, and Why

This axis is about the first words in ‘open’-questions: What, How, When, Who, Where, and Why.

Axis 2 - Engineering Phases

This axis is about engineering phases where an idea is transformed into a thing: Identification, Definition, Representation, Specification, Configuration and Instantiation.

Rules of the Framework
Zachman defines 7 rules for using huis framework:

Rule 1: Do Not Add Rows or Columns to the Framework
Rule 2: Each Column Has a Simple Generic Model
Rule 3: Each Cell Model Specializes Its Column’s Generic Model
Rule 4: No Meta Concept Can Be Classified Into More than One Cell
Rule 5: Do not Create Diagonal Relationships Between Cells
Rule 6: Do Not Change the Names of the Rows or Columns
Rule 7: The Logic is Generic, Recursive
TOGAF Framework




What is Enterprise Architecture? | EA In 2 Minutes



Why Enterprise Architecture?


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