Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytics platform by Google, with the following features:

  • Event Driven
  • Automatic tracking
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Automatic Sessions

For more information, please go to the Google Analytics website

Google Analytics Terminology

  • Digital Analytics - Measure and improve continuously. Measure, analyze, take action
  • Metrics - Quantitative. Measure data, for example, counts, ratios, percentages
  • Dimensions - Qualitative. Describe data. Categorize
  • Event - Any interaction between user and the page. Example, clicks, scrolls, views
  • Event types - Parameters of each event
  • Session - A visit, between a given time period
  • Users - page/app visitors, identified by browser cookies, Google Identity Graph or a custom UserId
  • Segments - User groups or categories
  • Conversion -
  • Goals - defined by business
  • Source - Where did the user come from
  • Medium -
  • Attribution -

Google Analytics History

Google analytics was started after Google acquired Urchin in April 2005.
Google Analytics using ga.js
Universal Analytics using analytics.js and gtag.js
Google Analytics 4 using gtag.js

Google Analytics Event Component

  • Event name
  • Event parameter
  • Event value

page_view, page_location =

Google Filters

  • Setup a Crawler spam protection Filter, by using the data from

Google Analytics Tools

Google Analytics Training Courses