Mobile App Marketing

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Mobile App Marketing

Free apps with ads or IAP
Scale - many downloads

Paid apps - hard to compete with free apps in the same domain
Build a large presence on another platform, like youtube.

Think about creating recurring items in the game. like consumables

Android is the quickest and easiest
Then do IOS

IOS users tend to spend more money, as the devices are more expensive.

Investigate Apple Watch Apps.

Release the apps this way:
Soft Launch
Quietly release your app, family/friends, etc..
Beta, Alpha, etc..
Get feedback, improve app
Once all the bugs are fixed and improvements made
Focus on Android only
Big launch announcement
Press release
Journalists, bloggers, podcasts
Promote on social media
Acceleration of downloads
Do ASO/keyword
Gigantic launch
Present on stage at event

Paid apps:
$0.99 - Most downloads, but not everyone will pay that
$1.99 will still get volume
$2.99 is top of cheap pricing
$3.99 skip
$4.99 reasonable
Above - expensive

How to monetize free apps
Standard ads - Popup
Players hate these!

In-content Ads
Other apps, or own apps.
Reward videos

Timely upsells
Good features for super users - the people that play the game on multiple days

Affiliate products
Commision on sales/clicks, etc…

Recurring Revenue

Or do the same with consumables in the app

Whales, spends huge amount of money on the app.
Enable large spending!
Consumable products are the best, something that can be bought again and again

Problem with using one ad network
Dont have ads
Limited ad inventory
This is not really a problem for us, as we use game ads

Smart automated mediation
AdToApp server ads from over 20 biggest mobile ad networks

Keyword research
Highest intent
Websites has different pages, so different keywords

Apps has 1 listing
Pick 5 - 10 keywords
Short tail
eg: Business
Long tail
How to write a business plan
Before making an app, do your research!!!!
Niche, keywords for which you will be able to rank and get downloads

Keyword research

How do you rank to these keywords?
Good reviews, downloads, app sessions, session lengths
Uninstalling apps

With the games, adding text to the screenshot with a character, just give it that professional look

Get users to use your app regularly
Push notifications
Email newsletter
Email alerts
Friend and social activities
Facebook groups
If they use the app everyday, this is when you should sell something to them
Instagram is great for sharing screenshots
Gamification is a great way to improve normal apps
Points, badges, achievements, levels, goals, etc…
Also rewards, daily rewards. Increase daily.

How to make the app go viral
Think of how you can increase the app use by including friends
eg: WordsWithFriends
Invite friends to play with, people wait for the other person to make a move, so they invite even more players.
Turn-based game.

Give points/benefits in exchange for inviting friends or sharing your app on facebook

Promo sites (scary name, but the forum is quite good and active) (paid - so this isn’t good for promoting everything) - Australia only
Bonus - tweet with hashtags #free #deals to promote your offers on Twitter

App funding
Investors looks for large market
Should not be risky

Icons are the first thing a user sees

Create a long description
700 - 1000 words