Model and Improve

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Model and improve (Dont clone)
Game News Sites


Game Jams
Charts on Steam, App Stores, Etc…
BuildBox Presets
Forum Boards
Playing Games
Flash Game Sites
Making Games

Secret: Hard work and consistency

What makes games fun?
Every game has to be engaging!

Train people to overcome challenges

Game Design Docs

Mantra: 1 line sentence refering to the UX to always remember throught development (ex: Epic robot battles with multiple story paths)
Summary; A short brief
Features: List of mechanics and unique characteristics
Target Platform: Where do I intend to publish my game
Target Audience; Profiles of who’s going to play my game
Game: Layout of every detail of the game (this usually branch on more points specific to that game, like story, power ups, multiplayer, etc)
Interface: This includes player controls and how’s the input (mouse, keyboard, controller)
Artstyle: Mostly reference to the art people of your vision
Music/Sound: What kind of music/sound you want and how is going to play
Development Plan: A very crude layout of the needed task to develop the game with a time estimate