Quest Systems

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Quest Systems

What is a Quest

The meanings of quest games emerge from strategic actions

Salen and Zimmerman: Menignful play = primary goal of game design. It REquires feedback from a system.

Autora Toolste - the Neverwinter Nights toolset.

Quests are a combination of narrative-focused and rules focused methods

Structure of a Quest

A quest is a journey across a symbolic, fantastic landscape in which a protagonist or player collects objects and talks to characters in over to overcome challenges and achieve a meaningful goal

Quest Systems

Open World Games Offer:
Player Choices
Ability to approach any problem from multiple angles

Verb -> Action
Trigger -> Action
Condition -> Action
Query -> Action
Cause -> Effect

Quest Narrative - stories about quests

Components of Quests
Spaces - Level Design
Objects - quest item creation
Actors - NPC and Dialogue
Challenges - Event-based programming or scripting

Careers using Quest Systems

Quest Designer
World Builder

3rd Part Solution

Quest system using PixelCrushers’ asset ‘Quest Machine’

Learning Resources


Quests - Design, Theory, and History in Games and Narratives by Jeff Howard

The odyssey, Parzival, the quest of the holy grail, the faerie queen


Espen Aarseth, Susan Tosca, Joseph Campbell and Northrop Frye

Building Non-Linear Narratives in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Level Design Workshop: Balancing Action and RPG in Horizon Zero Dawn Quests