The New Rules Of Work

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We are still stuck in an industry styled way of thinking when it comes to learning and working
The New Rules of Work
Do the work you love
If you are going to increasingly compete with others for work, then you’re going to need to do work that motivates you.
We all have unique:
The key to being motivated is in finding or in creating a match between your unique characteristics and the work that you do.
Why is motivation so important?
Stand out, because you are motivated
If you do work that you love, you will be more likely to be more creative, more innovative and more proactive
Create 2 circles, on the left, is the skills, knowledge and work environment that makes you happy, and on the right is your current job, how much does those circles overlap?
The more the circles overlap, the more agile you will be in continually doing work you’re motivated to do.
Be an adaptive problem solver
We get paid to solve problems and to generate results
We use our skills to perform tasks to solve problems to generate results
Skills->Tasks->Solve Problems->Results
Example, a client wants a game, hist problem is she/he cant make it himself (problem), so they hire us, based on our skills to complete a bunch of tasks and deliver the game (results)
The problems we are solving today, wont be the problems we are solving tomorrow, so we need to be adaptive.
What is being adaptive?
Adaptive works are aware of changes in their work environment, they ask questions and they’re constantly trying to understand the changing dynamics of their work.
Continually innovating, dont stick to solving a problem in any particular way. Constantly looking for new ways to solve problems.
Constantly learning new things. Dont assume they know everything about their work. In a constantly changing world, there will always be something new to learn.
If we’re going to be increasingly chosen to solve problems, we need to more adaptive in our thinking.
Think like an entrepreneur
Even if you work at a company or for yourself.
Identify and solve problems
Gather info, and act, dont wait until you have all the information
Smart risks, failure is seen as learning
Make new mistakes
In companies, you cant really make mistakes or take risks
Look for new ways to be proactive
Be more of a risk taker
Work with others to solve a pool of problems
Work together to solve the problems
As a team you new to be adaptive
Solve a pool of problems in a dynamic manner, use each person’s skills
Person-Environment Fit
Optimize and adjust your characteristics to find the best fit at work
Holland Code
Myers Briggs Type indicator
4 Types of codes
Find your tribe at work, think and act the same. But Make sure your work environment has a variety of diverse thinkers. Heterogenous groups
Have a portfolio of work
The same way an investor has multiple investments, the same way you should have multiple sources of income
Typess of work
On call - project based
App based
TaskRabbit -
Lift -
Asset Based
renting out your place on AirBnB
Selling and buy on ebay
Own company
Portfolio of work offers options in a constantly changing world
Time management is a very important skill
Build and tend your network
All the connections should be quality connections, build a connection with people.
Don’t just add anyone
Also try a meet the person face-face
Network is like a garden
Do work driven by meaning
Look for meaning and purpose
Don’t do work that doesn’t excite you
Do work that energizes you
Find your purpose and meaning
The New Rules of Learning
Become a lifelong learner
3 boxes of life
Instead of in series, these should be done in parallel
Have continuous learning goals
Do an annual self-inventory
Develop transferable and self-management skills
Lifelong learning is an opportunity
Become a just-in-time learner
Nano degrees are the future
Comes in increments
Quickly learn new skills
Have a portfolio of learning
Look for topics of interest
Look for ideas for future opportunities
Read about topics
Take online courses
The New Rules of Life
Plan for leisure like you plan for work and learning
Remember to relax
Work-life balance
Block out leisure time
Batch work, learning and leisure time together
Take mini vacations
Find the time you work best
Retirement is time for renewal
Portfolio of relaxing
Fiscal health - money
Physical health should match work, should be quite active even if job is stationary
Make time to give back
Why are you doing all these???
Teaching people how to do all these new rules

You must continually adapt!!!

Keep track of change by doing courses and challenging new activities

Take inventory of skills
Take inventory of network
Chat to people in your network

Take away from this course:
Don’t doubt yourself so much, I believe in always studying and improving skills
I’m doing all this cause I have a passion for learning and building things
Financially I’m hoping I can do this more without worrying about money