Vertical Slice

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Vertical Slice


Vertical slice, like a cake slice, as a bit of every layer.

split your Stories as thin as you possibly can while still delivering value

The sum of the work that has to be done in every layer that is involved in getting a specific feature working
Data Access Layer
Business Logic Layer
User Interface Layer

create only the code needed by each Vertical end-to-end Slice that satisfies a user need and provides user value.

Since we are constantly iterating, reviewing and refactoring with the user, we make sure only the aspects of the Architecture that are used, are developed

Minimal Viable Product or Minimal Viable Feature

Work in the UX/UI that will display the information
Work in the service layer to transform the information
Work in the database layer to store / fetch the information.

Vertical Slices in Single Player Games

Vertical slices in Full-stack solutions

Vertical User Story
A vertical user story encapsulates the action of one function

“As an end user I must be able to log into my company portal so that I can perform the functions of my job”

Acceptance Criteria
Verify that I can log into the system
Verify that my login credentials will be remembered
Verify that I can reset my own password by clicking the “Forgot Password” link
Verify that I cannot navigate back to the landing page without first logging in
Splitting Techniques
Hard coding values
Simple interface
Defer validation
Zero, then One, then Many
Defer complexity

Create small vertical slices of user stories using card-coded values

As a PERSON, I want to ACTION, so that it can be ACTION

This becomes an acceptance criteria


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