How to integrate Articy Draft 3 into Unity

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How to integrate Articy Draft 3 into Unity


Please read our article on Articy Draft 3 if you are not familiar with it.

Initial Setup

Install the Articy Plugin

Download and install the Articy Plugin from one of the following links:

Configure Articy Export Rules

  1. Open Articty, and navigate to Project -> Export Rulesets
  2. Create a new ruleset, by clicking the “Create new ruleset” button:
    Articy Create New Ruleset Button
  3. Give the ruleset a name, for example, ProjectNameOnlyDialogue
  4. Click on the Articy Logo in the top left corner, and then select Export, or you can press CTRL + SHIFT + E, to open the Export Window:
    Articy Export Window
  5. Select the ruleset you defined above.
  6. Navigate to the Unity project. Note, the official Articy documents, mention that you have to place the .articydraftu3d file in the Assets folder, you can also create a new folder, named ArticyExports, and select that as your target folder. This way, all articy exports are nicely contained
  7. Click “Ok”
  8. You should now see an export report (briefly, depending on the size of your project)

Unity Git Setup

  1. Open your Unity project (the same project as the target above)
  2. If your project is using Git, which it should, you will be presented with the following window:
    Articy + Unity + Git

Narrative workflow.

With the setup now complete, you, or your writing team, can now write freely.

Tip: Press SHIFT + ALT + E to export quickly

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