Articy Draft 3

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Articy Draft 3 is a professional tool for game and narrative design that allows users to create, visualize, and organize game content and stories.

Introduction to Articy Draft 3

Articy Draft 3 can be used in games and movies as a central hub for designing and organizing narrative, game mechanics, levels, and characters.

It allows for collaboration, version control, and export to game engines or screenwriting software.

At the time of writing, Articy is only supported on Windows.

Games using Articy Draft 3

Unity Integration

Please read [How to integrate Articy Draft 3 into Unity](/how-to/How to integrate Articy Draft 3 into Unity)

Articy Plugin Development (MDK)

No, not the game called Murder-Death-Kill, but rather Macro DevKit.

MDK is Articy’s plugin system using a typical Microkernel approach to Plugin development.

The training resources on How To: Create an Articy Draft 3 Plugin is a bit limited.


Plugin References and Resources