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Introduction to Blender

Blender is an open-source 3d modelling tool.

Not familiar with 3D? Please refer to our 3D Knowledge Base page

Blender Rigging

Blender Shape Keys (BlendShapes)

Learn Shape Keys In Under 5 Mins | Blender

Blender Character Shape Keys 1 of 3
Blender Character Shape Keys 2 of 3
Blender Character Shape Keys 3 of 3

Blender Proportional Editing

Blender Modifiers

All 54 Modifiers in Blender Explained in 10 Minutes

How To guides

How to delete data in a blender file

Change the Outliner view to Blender File:

This will show you all the data in the Blender file:

Blender Courses

Blender Tutorials

Grant Abbitt


CG Geek

Surfaced Studio

The Basics of Blender 2.82 Precision Modeling with PDT - How To ( Tutorial Part - 1 )

Maker Tales


All 80+ Blender material nodes explained in under 30 minutes

Blender 2.8 Character Animation: Shape Keys

Blender 10 Minute Modeling Challenge

Simple Isometric Game Assets - Full Slow Version


3d text effect

Blender Scale and Rotation to Unity

On Export -> Apply Transform


Rotate by -90 on X. Then Apply -> Rotation (Ctrl + A)

Then Rotate by 90 on X again

FBX Unit Scale

Blender Guru

Coffe Cup

3d text effect